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James Gabbe United States of America    PWF 2019, 2015

James Gabbe

James Gabbe — filmmaker, writer, editor, publisher, journalist—was born in 1944 in Middletown, New York. He served in the Vietnam War and described this experience in the novel LaRue’s Maneuvers, as well as writing a less fictionalized section for the Department of Defense Official History of the Vietnam War.


As a photojournalist, James Gabbe captured the heart of New York in The History of Union Square. His screenplay, March, portraying the roots of Hitler’s rise to power, has been optioned by Twentieth Century Fox.


The creator of CitizenArts, a cultural forum, James Gabbe’s documentary films include: A More–or Less–Perfect Union, exploring the state of uniondisunion in the United States; Journey with the Giant, recounting China’s economic miracle; To the Mountaintop, a comparative exploration of the economic growth of the world’s largest authoritarian and democratic states; and Pacific Destiny.


James Gabbe lives in New York.