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Jaroslav Rudiš Czech Republic    PWF 2009

Jaroslav Rudiš

“I’ve never been to Madrid—I only know Spain from the map and the wars in history books—but I read in a magazine that they have the bluest sky there—”

One of the rising stars of contemporary Czech literature—Jaroslav Rudiš was born in 1972 in Turnov, north Bohemia.  After studying German, history and journalism in Liberec, Prague, Zurich and Berlin—he deconstructed several professions—ranging from journalist to punk band manager.

“So I told Ulrike the thing about her eyes—and the sky over Madrid—she said that she had never been to Madrid either—and that no one had ever told her that before—”

In 2002, Jaroslav Rudiš received the Jiří Orten Prize for his first novel The Sky Under Berlin (Nebe pod Berlínem)—then enjoyed great acclaim for his graphic trilogy Alois Nebel (2003–2005), co-authored with the artist Jaromír Švejdík. Grand Hotel—published in 2006—catapulted the author to Madrid—where he wrote the screenplay for David Ondříček‘s film of his novel.

“So I’m sitting here—and waiting until morning—when someone comes—so I can tell their notepad my story—”

Jaroslav Rudiš lives in Prague—where he organizes the EKG literary cabaret at the Archa Theatre and occasionally performs with the U-Bahn band.


Jaroslav Rudiš

Jaroslav Rudiš: Reading at the Prague Writers' Festival

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Transcription of his text

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Jaroslav Rudiš

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Jaroslav Rudiš in conversation with Erika Zlamalová

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the bluest and clearest sky

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