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Jidi Majia China    PWF 2018

“I am not here, for there is another self walking in the opposite direction.”

.The magic of Jidi Majia is the magic of ancient China—a poetry from the wild, cold mountains of Liangshan in southwestern Sichuan where Jidi Majia was born in 1961.

“I admit all pain comes from there—I admit all sorrow comes from there—I admit its tales of trouble have an air of mystery.”

Jidi Majia belongs to the Nuosu—a proud, ethnic minority embedded within the overall culture of China, yet never fully absorbed by it. The Nuosu have never accepted religion from the outside. Their belief system contains a tapestry of seasonal rituals, epic stories about divine ancestors, and tales of nature spirits.

“I see my other self pass through the crown of darkness and duration—it is holding up flowers of bone.”

Held as one of China’s finest poets—Jidi Maija portrays the primacy of life, with its origins and ultimate endings.

.His works include: The Song of My First Love, The Dream of a Yi Native, The Buried Words, I Snow Leopard, Rhapsody in Black, The Color of Heaven, and Words of Fire.

“Poetry is dimmed fire of embers—it is the transparent vault of sky—searching for those it owns—to follow its incarnations.”

.Jidi Majia lives in Beijing.

The Poetry of Jidi Majia

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