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Michael March

Michael March was born in 1946 in New York—a time when the cold war swung low over blue alligator sewers—and the gods retained life in their own keeping.

He is the author of five collections of poetry: Goya, When she danced, Disappearance, Only a Promise, and The Way Back.

“Without poetry—there would be chaos. Dogs bark at strangers—but these are the loved roads.”

Michael March lives in Prague.


Michael March

Michael March: At times

30.03.2011 Café Central

You never know who walks into Café Central—to share your thoughts.

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Some like it Hot photo by Antonín Kratochvíl


09.03.2011 Theme

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Michael March in Olbram Zoubek's Studio

Michael March: The Future

01.02.2011 Café Central

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2010 Toyen_Polykači mečů, 1925

Heresy and Rebellion

12.01.2011 PWF 2010

Festival celebrates the 20th anniversary at Nova Scena National Theatre


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Dada East? Hans Arp

Dada East? The Lost Art of Czech Dada

11.01.2011 PWF 2007

17. Prague Writers’ Festival, 3 – 6 June 2007


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Michael March

The House of Atreus

17.03.2010 Readings

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