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Arnon Grunberg Netherlands    PWF 2020, 2019, 2015, 2012, 2007

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Arnon Grunberg is one of the most subtly outrageous provocateurs in world literature, an icon of the twenty-first century. Born in 1971 in Amsterdam into a German-Jewish family, he stepped aside to unnerve a wider audience with his non-stop forays into the heart of darkness.
“I really need enemies—without enemies there’s no identity.”
For Grunberg—read talent. He’s in Nepal or Belarus. We see him as a waiter, a masseuse in Bucharest, working undercover in a Bavarian hotel, in Guantánamo Bay, visiting the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. That’s why he moved to Park Avenue, to escape the offer of royalty in the Netherlands.
“I like observing. There’s a spy in all authors.”
Grunberg shares a natural affinity with Isaac Babel—not just the glasses—but the love of life, “brutal and altogether winning.” With Aharon Appelfeld, Primo Levi and Philip Roth, he resides within the circle of great Jewish authors.
His work includes: the novels Blue Mondays, Silent Extras, Phantom Pain, The Story of My Baldness, The Jewish Messiah, Tirza, Good Men, and Occupied Territories; Chambermaids and Soldiers, a collection of reports; and With Us in Auschwitz, an anthology of first-hand accounts of the final solution.
Arnon Grunberg lives in New York.

Arnon Grunberg na FSP 2019 (foto: Tereza Kunderová)

Arnon Grunberg: Happiness Is the Possibility of an Escape


He spent the year 2017 working in various slaughterhouses, he worked as a cleaner in a Bavarian hotel, visited the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq... Arnon Grunberg had himself „imprisoned“ several times in order to examine specific environments. In 2018 he spent some time in Zuiderlicht life-care center in Belgium. He reflects this experience in the following article that he read at the 29th Prague Writers' Festival.

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Arnon Grunberg in conversation with Michael March

12.02.2018 Interviews

Arnon Grunberg was talking to Michael March in New York


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Arnon Grunberg: Welcome home | Reading

24.11.2015 Authors

Translated by Sam Garrett

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Arnon Grunberg

Arnon Grunberg: The Future

29.01.2012 Café Central

You never know who walks into Café Central—to share your thoughts.

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