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Astrid Myers Rosset United States of America    PWF 2019

Astrid Myers Rosset

Astrid Myers Rosset assisted her late husband, Barney Rosset, in the publishing of Blue Moon Books, Foxrock Books, and the Evergreen Review Website. She coordinated the process involved in writing his autobiography, Barney Rosset: My Life in Publishing, and was the curator for Dear Mr. Beckett, a scrapbook of Samuel Beckett’s and Rosset’s thirty-five year collaboration, published in 2016.


Astrid Myers Rosset has a long history of involvement with the Women’s Movement and the Democratic party of East Hampton, of which she was chair. In 1987, she was named East Hampton Democrat of The Year.


Astrid Myers Rosset currently serves on the Board of Evergreen Review Inc. and is Co-Producer of the documentary film, Barney’s Wall: Portrait of a Game Changer.


Astrid Myers Rosset lives in East Hampton, New York.