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Ersi Sotiropoulos Greece    PWF 2020, 2002

Ersi Sotiropoulos


A visionary figure of contemporary Greek literature, Ersi Sotiropoulos “illuminates the complex relationship of art, life, and erotic desires” with a trigger-happy directness. She arrives with style and leaves us turning in her direction.


“She remembered a poem by Yevtushenko that she used to like, back when she was in love with Al Pacino. Or maybe it wasn’t Yevtushenko.”


Ersi Sotiropoulos’ short stories are pure electric, unsettlingly beautiful, “reminiscent of the brilliance of Cesare Pavese.”  Spoilt by prizes, she has received the Greek National Book Prize twice, the Dante Alighieri Prize for poetry in Italy, and the Prix Méditerranée Étranger in France.


Sotiropoulos’ work includes: Zigzag through the Bitter Orange Trees, Landscape with Dog, Tame the Beast, What’s Left of the Night, and Are You Up to It?


She lives in Athens.

Ersi Sotiropoulos

Even in Paradise: On Ersi Sotiropoulos


By Joshua Jones, a poet and Festival's literary critic.

Ersi Sotiropoulos will be a guest of the 30th Prague Writers' Festival. You can find more details in the program.

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