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Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal was born in 1925 at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He has written over twenty novels, five plays, screenplays, short stories, and over two hundred essays while remaining a political activist, twice running for Congress and consciously lamenting the “United States of Amnesia”.

His novels include The City and the Pillar, Myra Breckinridge, Duluth, Live from Golgotha and The Smithsonian Institution. His collected essays, United States, won the National Book Award in 1993. Palimpsest, a memoir, was published in 1995. The Golden Age,  published in 2000, is the seventh and final novel in his best-selling series Narratives of Empire, covering the history of the United States. The Best Man, his 1960 prize-winning play, has returned to Broadway. “Even if I am wrong, I am wrong for the right reasons.”

Gore Vidal died at 86 in 2012.

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Obituary: Gore Vidal

26.06.2013 Articles

Gore Vidal was one of the finest post-war American writers. Besides numerous colourful novels, incisive essays and blockbusting screenplays, he was an indefatigable critic of the whole American system.

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Gore Vidal

I'm the perfect example of censorship in USA

05.02.2008 Interviews

Michael March interviewed Gore Vidal for the Prague Writers' Festival on 7 March 2001 at the Plaza Hotel in New York.

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