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Yishai Sarid Israel    PWF 2015

Yishai Sarid was born in 1965 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

After studying law in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, he served as an intelligence officer in the Israeli Army. He’s currently working as an independent attorney.

Yishai Sarid gained world renown for his second novel Limassol, which tells the story of an Israeli secret service agent who gets caught in a sensational plot, involving terrorism, violence, love and conflict of loyalties. The novel received several prizes, among them Le Grand Prix de Littérature Policière in France (entitled Le poète de Gaza), as well as being shortlisted for the IMPAC prize in Ireland. Sarid’s novels include: The Investigation of Captain Erez, Naomi’s Kindergarten, and The Third.

For Yishai Sarid, there are no excuses, no clear answers―only a narrow path to walk in. 

Yishai Sarid lives in Tel Aviv.