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Róbert Gál Slovakia    PWF 2010

Róbert Gál

Heir to heresy in all forms—Róbert Gál was born in 1968 in Bratislava, Slovakia. With appearances in journals too dangerous to mention—his writing style is a mélange of philosophy and prose poetry that explores the tensions between identity and existence—jump-cutting over death, even truth.

"You cannot convict a rose with a thorn."

Called the “Czech Cioran” by Andrei Codrescu, Gál remains unnamable—a visionary—“pondering any actual difference between a Platonic Academy and a nuthouse”.

"Potential is in fact vision. What endures will pass."

Gál’s aphorisms—philosophical fragments—novels include: Epigraffiti, Signs & Symptoms, Manipulsations, On Wing, and Agnomia.

Róbert Gál resides in Prague.