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Rui Zink Portugal    PWF 1999

He is a writer and dramatist and lectures at the Nova University in Lisbon, where he himself attended university, graduating with a doctorate in Literature. Zink first gained notoriety with his 1987 novel Hotel Lusitano, an account of two Americans in Portugal that gained significant popularity and cult status.   Zink has published many novels since, including Pornex, the Book (1984), Spidermen (1994), Apocalipse Nau (Apocalypse Vessel, 1996), A Arte Suprema (The Supreme Art, 1997), and O Supplente (The Substitute, 2000). For the stage he has written Francisco Zappa’s Life and Work (1985), Sun of the Earth (1992), and A Deadman’s Life (1996). He is also involved in street theatre and happenings. He has 2nd degree black belt in karate, that is, he hopes, quite impressive. When alone, he likes to dress in female lingerie, in order to understand women better. Zink still lives in Lisbon.