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Sandy Gotham Meehan United States of America    PWF 2019

Sandy Gotham Meehan

Producer, director, writer of Barney’s Wall: Portrait of a Game Changer—works with independent filmmakers on narrative refinement and project development through her film production company FoxHog Productions.


Sandy Gotham Meehan produced and directed the documentary James Salter: A Sport and a Pastime, a selection of the 2011 Hampton International Film Festival. For Checkerboard Films, she produced and directed the filmed interview, Barney Rosset: Combat Publisher.


Meehan rewrote and restructured a fourteen part French-produced documentary series, The Last Kings of Thule, on the geopolitical, human and economic threats to the Arctic, which was centered on the life of the French explorer, author and scientist Jean Malaurie.


Sandy Gotham Meehan serves on the boards of The Paris Review and Lapham’s Quarterly, and lives in New York.