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Savyon Liebrecht Israel    PWF 2001

Savyon Liebrecht

When Liebrecht was only a year old, the family immigrated to Israel. She performed her year of military service on a kibbutz before moving to London to study journalism.

Liebrecht studied philosophy and literature at Tel Aviv University and published her first collection of stories Apples from the Desert in 1986. In the years since, she has published many collections of short stories, novellas, novels, plays, and several television scripts. In 1987, Liebrecht received the Alterman Award for Apples from the Desert, the Amelia Rosselli Prize for Mail Order Women (2002), and the Maior-Amalfi award for A Good Place for the Night (2005). She was also nominated Playwright of the Year in 2005 for It’s All Greek to Me and the next year for Apples in the Desert.

Noted for her passionate response to issues of the heart, Liebrecht often deals with the influence of social and political issues on the smaller spheres of family and personal relationships, creating a vivid picture of contemporary Israel.

Savyon Liebrecht lives in Holon, near Tel Aviv.