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Michael March: For Seymour Hersh United States of America    PWF 2018

The Russian poet Anna Akhmatova wrote: “No one speaks the 

language of those years.” For her—the purity of language pursued

the truth. For her—the lie contained the greatest danger to civilization.

She was right—but it’s an ancient story.


Today we are living with the lie embedded in everyday language,

especially in political discourse. 


If you follow political lines—you come to zero.


If you look closely, language contains the future: 



Unhealthy secrets lie in language—which must be exposed

in the light of day.


Seymour Hersh has found the key to these secrets—piercing the heart

of treachery—challenging the lies of governments for a common good.


A reporter looks for what’s missing—to bring a sense of balance—

a fleeting sense of justice to our lives.