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China: Secret Tiananmen Square memoirs of Chinese party leader to be published


Former Communist chief denounces 1989 massacre

Zhao Ziyang

The secretly recorded memoirs of the Chinese Communist party leader who was ousted for sympathising with the students during the 1989 pro-democracy demonstrations in Tiananmen Square have been released four years after his death. In tapes secretly recorded during his 16 years under house arrest, Zhao Ziyang, the former head of the Communist party, denounced the killing of protesters as a "tragedy", and challenged the party's subsequent rejection of democratic reforms. The tapes were smuggled...



China: Tibet


Tibet is located at the centre of Asia and is known for housing the world’s highest mountains.


Dalaï Lama

'A Hell on Earth'


A look on the Tibetan situation by Pico Iyer in The New Yorker


Young Red Guards

China: Cultural Revolution


It was around this time that the first group of Red Guards was formed.


Tiananmen Square

China: Tiananmen Square


It is May 4th, 1989


Liu Xiaobo

China: Charter 08


The signers intend “Charter 08” to serve as a blueprint for fundamental political change in China