Jonathan Lethem: Right Above Hope

20. May 2020 15:28

We have asked the authors invited to this year's Prague Writers' Festival what Hope means to them. Jonthan Lethem, known for his novels Motherless Brooklyn (1999), The Fortress of Solitude (2003) or The Feral Detective (2018), has sent us a text that could very well be a part of a larger fiction. With its music references and brisk pace, it is quintessential Lethem. Music is an obssesion for him – he has writen fantastic pieces on Bob Dylan or James Brown for The Rolling Stone Magazine and there was a time he wanted to „replace his head“ with Talking Heads album Fear of Music. In this story, he just sits his protagonists in a bar and plays them a song, the rest, or so it seems, happens by itself. 

Author: Jonathan Lethem

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