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Miroslav Holub Czech Republic    PWF 1998, 1995, 1991

Miroslav Holub

He is widely known both for his scholarly publications and his poetry and essays, having published sixteen collections of poetry and ten books of essays. His Selected Poems were published in the Penguin Modern European Poets series in 1967, Poems Before & After: Collected English Translations in 1990. Intensive Care was published in 1996 and Shedding Life, essays, appeared in 1997.

Miroslav Hoslub currently lives in Prague


Miroslav Holub: "I Am Always In a Hurry"

03.05.2018 Interviews

Michael March was talking to Miroslav Holub in Prague

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miroslav holub

Miroslav Holub: Emptiness

19.04.2010 Café Central

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