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Claudio Pozzani     PWF 2020

Claudio Pozzani


“Swallow the universe, if you don’t just get it.”


The hippest poet of recent Italian poetry, Claudio Pozzani was born in 1961 in Genova. An alarming alchemist pointing in every direction, he appears falling from the sky.


Claudio Pozzani writes: “I am the messiah of a religion with no believers.” No believers, but many followers. La Marcia dell’ombra, his latest release of poetry and music, hit the top twenty of the Italian independent radio charts.


“I dance the dance of the undesired. I’ve trained myself in front of closed doors.  I dance the dance of the intolerants. Can you move over a little, please?”


In 1985, Claudio Pozzani created the House of Poetry and the Genoa International Poetry Festival, the oldest, and largest poetry event in Italy. In 2019, director Fabio Giovinazzo made the film L’Anima nel ventre, based on Pozzani’s poems.


Claudio Pozzani’s most recent is book is Spalancati spazi: Poesie 1995-2016. He reads everywhere, but lives in Genoa.



C. Pozzani

The Reality of Hope by Claudio Pozzani


Claudio Pozzani was born in 1961 in Genova (Italy).

Poet, narrator and musician, he is appreciated in Italy and abroad for his poetic performances in the most important international literary and poetry festivals.

His poems have been translated and published into more than 10 languages and have appeared in important anthologies and magazines of international contemporary poetry.

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