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Veroniki Dalakoura Greece    PWF 2005

Veroniki Dalakoura

She studied Law in Athens and Human Geography at Montpellier, France. She works as a journalist, and has published numerous essays and articles on immigrants' problems. Besides her own writings she is known as a translator of Flaubert, Stendhal, Rimbaud, Baudelaire and Pablo Neruda.

Dalakoura´s prose includes End Game and Hodler´s Painting, and collections of poetry: Poetry 1967 – 1972, The Decline of Eros, The Sleep, Days of Lust, Wild Ahgelic Flame, 26 Poems.

Veroniki Dalakoura lives in Athens.


Veroniki Dalakoura

Veroniki Dalakoura: No

16.03.2011 Café Central

You never know who walks into Café Central—to share your thoughts.

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